Monach Anglo Nubians

We are a family run farm that has been breeding commercial Anglo-Nubians of high quality,long lactation, good temperament and superb conformation since 1987.

Goats exported EU & worldwide: including Denmark, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and West Indies

Contact info:
Dr & Mrs R.E.Randall phone +44 (0)1480 830223
e-mail OR
Website: for more details about the farm and its location.
Also makers of ‘Caprillate’ farmhouse luxury dairy goats milk ice cream (see website for contact details)

About our Herd

  • CAE monitored and negative tested since 1988
  • Scrapie monitored since 1992
  • Milk Recorded continuously since 1985
  • Consistent show winners over 20 years
  • R138 Monach Oleander Q*2 BrCh AN30463D

Recorded free from: salmonella, brucella melitensist , contagious Agalactica, paratuberculosis, Chlamydia psittaci, Caseous lymphadenitis
Stock for sale and enquiries welcome from the UK or abroad.
Experienced in arranging domestic and international transport.

Top class males at stud (only to goats from herds of similar high health status).
Also breeders of British Saanen, British Toggenburg and British Alpine goats

Some Monach Milk Recording Figures from Anglo-Nubians

RM167 Monach Nightshade Q*2 AN30267D
R153 Monach Onoclea *15AN30731D
R147 Monach Rhodiola Q*3 AN31190D
R138 Monach Oleander Q*2 Br Ch AN30463D
R137 Monach Rhazia Q*16 AN31070D
R134 Monach Harebell Q*14 AN27987D
R132 Monach Heliotrope Q*1 BrCh AN28467D
R130 Monach Retama Q*3 AN31191D
R122 Monach Sorrell *16 AN31325D
R104 Monach Veronicato Q*15 AN32082D
R127 Monach Rudbeckia Q*15 AN31194D