Finding an Anglo-Nubian Stud Male Goat

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Now a days it is not so easy to track down Stud Male Goats to use on your herd if you have not one of your own to use. For a start, there are the health schemes to be considered. Very few breeders will allow non tested CAE goats to go to their stud males. Those on the scrapie scheme can not allow female goats outside of this scheme to visit for mating. All this in conjunction with the DERFA rules.

There is a well known saying in the equine world. “Put the Best to the Best and hope for the Best”, This can be applied to all livestock but what one person considers to be the Best, others could well disagree. So it is your best that is important in this case.

The reasons for breeding from your goats are, to produce milk, improve on what you have and continue the blood lines for the future.

Studying pedigrees is important. Knowing what lines work well with in yours helps. To improve on the dam. I would recommend looking at the dam of the male you are going to use. Is/was she better or as good as your female. This is a good starting point.

If you need help in tracking down male goats at stud in your area let the ANGS know. We will do our very best to help and please remember, we welcome ALL BREEDS of goats and will try our very best to help everyone looking for a Stud Male Goat for this coming breeding season.

You can browse our Stud Male Goats section to find a suitable male or advertise your own on our classified listing pages for all goats.

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