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Your vets telephone number. (Ours is on auto-dial) . Thermometer. (We use a digital one that beeps when up to temperature.) Wormer & Coccidiosis treatments. Anti-scour remedies. Bimamix oral suspension is good for kids. Slippery Elm. Used for upset digestions. This calms the gut, one full teaspoon mixed with a little honey and warm water […]

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Hoof Trimming made easier

There is a part of your goats that need your regular attention. The title is a clue, yes it is its hooves one at each corner. Trimming is vital to the animals health as unattended growth causes lameness and takes ages to correct if neglected. Attention to hooves is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks. […]

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British Goat Society (BGS) Prefixes & Affixes explained.

 These are awarded by the BGS and added to the goats pedigree, often written in red.                          Open Shows all Dairy Breeds of Goats * (star)  = 18 points or more gained at a milking competition. Subject to the Butterfat % being not less than 3.25 at each milking. Q* = 20 points or more. Butterfat […]

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Anglo Nubians in New Zealand photo’s 2012

Love your website.  Thought I would send some pics of my Anglo Nubians in New Zealand   / useful for the website goat pics: Also a naughty pic of my Buck who snuck into the sunroom off the verandah and made himself at home… Sarah McDonald New Zealand

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Goat wound keeps re-opening

  The large animal vet is off island. My pet neutered male goat has a cut on his chest – hard to tell size since he doesn’t like me checking. He keeps knocking the scab off with his back foot- guess it itches. And then it bleeds a lot. Any advice is welcome.>

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You can, of course record your goat’s milk yield for your own interest.  Some people record their goats daily, others may do it weekly, keeping a record of the total yields.  However those who record “officially”, do so monthly, through a Club/Group which is affiliated to the British Goat Society, under conditions set out in […]

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Scabby Legs on Goats

Heel Mites.   Sometimes goats will suffer from mites found at the back of the feet – heels. If left untreated the scabby leasions will spread up the legs. They can travel over the whole body causing great iteration and distress.    Treatment. There are various products on the a liquid form which work […]

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Money Saving Ways with Hay and Straw

Hayracks Goats are good at wasting hay. Pulled from their racks and dropped on to the floor – wasted! We installed our own version of no waste hayracks many years ago and they really do work. The rack is above a box which catches the dropped hay. This then can be collected (I would recommend […]

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Goat Health And The Most Common Diseases

Keeping goats in peak health is a concern of every goat keeper and if you are considering purchasing a goat, we have listed the main diseases common to goats. Buying from a herd that monitors and regular checks for them is recommended especially when thinking about importing or exporting goats. Caprine Arthritis – Encephalitis (CAE) […]

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Goat Food Guide

A Guide To Feeding Your Goats For Success

Most goatkeepers rely on some sort of feed to supplement grazing and fresh forage. There are a number of pre-mixed course goat feeds on the market, most of which are molassed based. These, along with many other cereal grains (oats etc.) make it easy to feed a very palatable and varied diet to your goats. […]

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