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Five Teat Kid & Kitten Milk Feeder

Thorough testing of this feeder has proven the benefit to me and my kids, no more bottle feeding for me  I bought the bucket feeders from Tanner Trading in Cornwall. I set up the two bucket clips on exterior woodwork making sure that when the feeder buckets were hooked on there was enough room for the 10 kids […]

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Weight Chart For Anglo Nubians

 TRY THIS CHART, IT IS USEFULL TO DISCOVER YOUR GOATS WEIGHT TO JUDGE THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF WORMER / MEDICATION Click on the chart image to select it, to make it readable, click on plus sign

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Check out the Goats for Sale then sub heading Equipment for details

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Goats in South Africa

The Anglo Nubian Goat Society was recently contacted by Gerhard le Roux, he with his wife Elizabeth Magrieta, and their children run a Missionary station at Onseepkans near the Namibian Border To find out more about this families devotion helping the population to look after their goats and the populations spiritual needs log on to; […]

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Finding an Anglo-Nubian Stud Male Goat

Place your advert for Stud Male Goats here Now a days it is not so easy to track down Stud Male Goats to use on your herd if you have not one of your own to use. For a start, there are the health schemes to be considered. Very few breeders will allow non tested […]

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Goat on a surf board with owner

Surfing Goat Takes To The Water

We’ve seen goats in trees, goats riding bikes, now meet Goat-ee the surfing goat. Goat-ee stunned beachcombers on Grover Beach in California by surfing on his owners surfboard. The two-year-old is the one and only surfing goat in the world. She likes to surf with her fellow human surfers and cannot get enough of it. […]

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Marth Stewart with Anglo Nubian Goats

Martha Stewart Loves Anglo-Nubian Goats

Martha Stewart visited the anglo-nubian goats at Shai Seltzer’s renowned goat farm outside jerusalem and fell in love with the breed.  The goats produce milk for the Award winning cheese made on the farm located west of Jerusalem, down the eastern slope of Mount Eitan by the Sataf Springs. It’s an area that has known […]

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Goat on Mans Back Riding Bike

Goats Learn to Ride Bikes

Whatever next. Now we all know goats are inquisitive and clever creatures, but this photo of a man riding his bike with a goat on his back is one of the strangest sights we have seen for a long time. To think all this time we’ve been using trailers, when we could have been training […]

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History of the Anglo Nubian Goat on the Isle of Wight

Did you know Anglo-Nubians have been sighted on the Isle of Wight. In fact they have been popular over there for many years. Way back in the early 1970’s, the breeder of the Medham Herd of goats took to the Isle of Wight, two Anglo-Nubian goats from the respected Wayward herd – Xanuli AN5950H (male) […]

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Funny Goat Image

Just Kidding

We thought we share some of our favourite goat jokes from around the net. If you know a great goat joke – family friendly of course, get in touch and we’ll include it in our next roundup. Doctor, Doctor I feel like a goat. How long have you felt like that? Since I was a […]

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