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Anglo Nubian Goat in Brazil

Anglo Nubian Love In Brazil

Thanks to our friends over in Brazil for sending us these great pictures and a You Tube video of their Anglo Nubian goats. Looks like the goats rule the house over there. We love to hear about Nubians all over the world, so if you have a story or some pictures, we’d love to hear […]

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Goat Balancer Food Product

Premium Goat Balancer Product Launch

The start of 2012 saw the launch of a new mineral product exclusively for goats from the Denis Brinicombe Group. Extensively trialled in 2011, Premium Goat Balancer is formulated to benefit all breeds and types of goat including milking, Boer, Pygmies and the companion goat. Until now the vast majority of goat keepers have had […]

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Goats do roam

Goats do roam and Anglo-Nubians are no exception although we have always found them to be more ‘stay-at-home’ than any of the other breeds.   Getting them to go out to graze without a human goat-herd is more difficult.   Our only solution is to have a lead goat with a strong personality and confident temperament.  This […]

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We’re here to help

The one thing that we can all be sure about is that we all need help at some time or another – whether it’s advice about kid rearing, buying in new stock, problems with herd management or just how to find someone to look after the goats while you have a holiday.   We are here […]

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New Survey Of Anglo Nubian Breeders

The Anglo-Nubian is considered to be a rare breed in some countries and this recent survey shows the number of breeders registering stock has declined from ten years ago. If you’re a breeder, we’d love to hear from you and include your herd on our find a breeder page. Survery Results 10 years ago there […]

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Goats Climbing Trees

Goats are great jumpers and escape artists but now they have learned to climb trees. This video was shot out in Morocco between Marrakesh and Essaouira where it is apparently quite common to see them climbing trees to reach the best leaves. Just don’t let the Nubians back at home see this – might give […]

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New Goat Disease hits U.K.

These two newborns are fine but some breeders may not be so lucky.   If kids are aborted or are deformed at birth it may be because the dam has been infected with the Schmallenberg virus. This is a new disease affecting calves, lambs and kids and, until recently, was seen mainly in Europe.   […]

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Anglo Nubian Goat Society

Welcome to the brand new website of the Anglo Nubian Goat Society

We are a not for profit ogranisation dedicated to the promotion and welfare of Anglo Nubian goats. Our new website is up and running and we welcome everyone – beginners and experienced – to get involved. Over the coming months we will be bringing you lots of new content and goat articles, so check back […]

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Goats on A1 Road

Goats Escape on A1 Road

Given a chance, goats do like to roam – the trees always look tastier on the other side after all. The Sun newspaper recently reported that GOATS, found wandering near to the busy A1 motorway in Birtley, caused a great deal of traffic disruption. Police were called to the A1 at Birtley after motorists spotted […]

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Goats for Sale Section Live

It’s free to advertise!   Our new Goats for Sale section is up and running, so if you would like to place an advert, let us know and we will add it as soon as possible. You can also sell your unwanted goat equipment, trailers, sheds, fencing – anything goat or self-sufficiency related.

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