Your vets telephone number. (Ours is on auto-dial)


Thermometer. (We use a digital one that beeps when up to temperature.)

Wormer & Coccidiosis treatments.

Anti-scour remedies. Bimamix oral suspension is good for kids.

Slippery Elm. Used for upset digestions. This calms the gut, one full teaspoon mixed with a little honey and warm water x 3 a day.

Syring’s A variety of different syringe’s & needles for injecting.

Some basic antibiotics. Pen-strep/Ultrapen LA/Alamycin LA

Calcium injection. For kidding times, pregnancy toxemia and other metabolic imbalances.

Sudocrem. Engemycin & Iodine sprays. Potassium Permanganate. Aids bleeding from horn buds if a kid should bump them and cause a bleed.

Hydrogen Peroxide for foot wounds.

Veterinary Wound Powder.

Bicarbonate of Soda. Used for bloat. Hopefully you will have cooking oil in your kitchen – Vegetable or Olive. (1 teaspoon of Bicarbonate in 40 mls of oil).

Electrolyte’s or Glucose Powder to make your own re-hydration drink. (Dissolve in 2 litres of warm water one teaspoon of salt & one tablespoon of Glucose (or honey). Offer this solution in a 2 litre jug or bowl.

Microporus Tape. Used when correcting kids ears.

Things to be concerned about.

Temperature incorrect. Cold in the mouth. Scour. Lack of appetite. All of these require attention.

Rectal temperature guide.

102.5 degrees = 39c  Normal 

Temperature LOWER than 102.5 d. / 39c is also cause for concern

103 “ = 39.5c

____________________Danger line. Vet could be needed.

104 ” = 40 c

105 “ = 40.5c

106 “ = 41c

Our goats medicine book also lives with the 1st Aid equipment. Written in the back of this are the dosage rates for worming etc. and antibiotics. 

The bag of goat coats is kept in the bottom of our airing cupboard. Sick goats respond well to being made warm and cosy.

Of all of these, I personally think the most important thing to have is the thermometer.



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