Goats in South Africa

The Anglo Nubian Goat Society was recently contacted by Gerhard le Roux, he with his wife Elizabeth Magrieta, and their children run a Missionary station at Onseepkans near the Namibian Bordermissionary

To find out more about this families devotion helping the population to look after their goats and the populations spiritual needs log on to; www.onseepkansmission.com


My youngest boy Willie with our young Sanaan ram. He has grown considerably in size and smell since the photo was taken, and I do not think that Willie is still so eager to hug him!


My daughter Loretta, 12 years old, of all the children, she is the most interested in goat farming and is already involved on a very practical level. When the goats lamb, she assist the young ewes and she also take responsibility to feed and milk the goats over weekends. She has already gained quite a bit of knowledge about medication, breeding practices etc.


My daughter Talitha giving milk to our young Savanna Goat ram called “Hansie”. It means raised by hand

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