Hoof Trimming made easier


There is a part of your goats that need your regular attention. The title is a clue, yes it is its hooves one at each corner. Trimming is vital to the animals health as unattended growth causes lameness and takes ages to correct if neglected. Attention to hooves is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks.

Over the years the writer has bought many pairs of hoof cutters, non have been satisfactory, generally speaking you need hands the size of the Hulk to cut with them so normal people have to use two hands which then releases a hold on the goats leg.

Enter the World of Felco, the Swiss made Felco 50 Proffesional Hoof Clippers is i believe the answer. The old style cutters would cause blisters unless you had bricklayers hands. The Felco has a rotating handle so that when you grip to close the blades on to the hoof instead of having to slide over the metal handle causing soreness the Felco’s handle rotates as you close the cutters. Spares can be bought making this a once only purchase

The Felco 50 is roughly three times the price of inferior hoof trimmers, well worth it in my 50+ years experience in keeping goats


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