Martha Stewart Loves Anglo-Nubian Goats

Marth Stewart with Anglo Nubian GoatsMartha Stewart visited the anglo-nubian goats at Shai Seltzer’s renowned goat farm outside jerusalem and fell in love with the breed.  The goats produce milk for the Award winning cheese made on the farm located west of Jerusalem, down the eastern slope of Mount Eitan by the Sataf Springs. It’s an area that has known agriculture for the last six thousand years and goats have played a big part in it.

Martha Stewart met Shai, his family and a 170 strong goat herd comprised mostly of Anglo-Nubians. Shai manages the production of the various cheeses according to the dominant componants of the pasture feed, which has a strong effect on the milk structure and flavor. His farm has won acclaim worldwide as an instructor and mentor of dairy goat farming and cheese making.

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