Money Saving Ways with Hay and Straw



Goats are good at wasting hay. Pulled from their racks and dropped on to the floor – wasted! We installed our own version of no waste hayracks many years ago and they really do work. The rack is above a box which catches the dropped hay. This then can be collected (I would recommend daily) and reused in another rack. I found over the years there is little point replacing the dropped hay to the above rack again. They seem to know they have been through it once before!

Raised Beds

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About three years ago I decided to try ‘raised beds’ in the goats pens. These were made from odd timber we had and the wooden flooring was drilled with large holes to allow the urine to drain through. Sawdust being put on the floor below the beds to absorb this and easy to sweep away when required. Simple, just skip off the dropping once a day. All was just brilliant, then I discovered a wonderful new product. Hippo-Tiles. Made from recycled plastic. I found that five tiles makes a good size bed which will take two milkers with ease. It  was at a show where I met the producer of this produce, she demonstrated the tiles and I knew it was the very thing I needed for the raised beds. We redesigned what we had, raising them higher from the floor (12″+) and still using a little straw on top and sawdust underneath. I would add when laying the tiles on the bed frame do not put them in tightly butted together, leave just a little space in between each thus making it easy to remove the tiles for washing, which they will require from time to time. They can go straight back on the frame as they drip dry in no time. The saving this has made regarding using straw is amazing. The goats love them, warm to touch, non slippery and very strong.

This is soo comfy

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