Premium Goat Balancer Product Launch

Goat Balancer Food ProductThe start of 2012 saw the launch of a new mineral product exclusively for goats from the Denis Brinicombe Group. Extensively trialled in 2011, Premium Goat Balancer is formulated to benefit all breeds and types of goat including milking, Boer, Pygmies and the companion goat.

Until now the vast majority of goat keepers have had to settle for second best by adopting products into their feeding regime that were originally formulated for either sheep or cattle. This fact was not lost on a respected breeder of Anglo Nubian and Pure Saanen goats and as a result they approached the Denis Brinicombe Group in 2011 to propose formulating a product that addressed the unique metabolic requirements of goats to improve the choice in the marketplace.

Receptive to the suggestion and concept, the company’s Technical Department assisted by James Brinicombe R&D Director worked on the project which has culminated in the commercial launch of this new goat-specific nutritional product.

Premium Goat Balancer is a concentrated formulation containing a complete spectrum of bio-available trace elements, vitamins, minerals with the important inclusion of Omega-3 oils along with several unique ingredients known to improve overall health and well-being. This combination can not only help increase growth rates in kids and goatlings but also have a positive impact on performance in both milk & meat production and trials across a diverse range of situations have shown unprecedented results.

Reports of increased milk yield as well as an improved butterfat percentage were commonplace and towards the autumn when milk yields are generally expected to drop, levels were maintained with results from milk recorded herds substantiating the claim.

Further trial feedback has shown dramatic improvement in skin and coat condition, tan coloured goats have emerged as black and white with feet and hoof issues also being resolved. Fertility was improved with less goats returning to heat and adult males who normally lose weight during the rut have also benefited by holding condition in herds who took part in the early trials.

If you have any further questions on Premium Goat Balancer or wish to place an order please call Kym Moore, Customer Support Supervisor on 01363 778792.

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