Scabby Legs on Goats

Heel Mites.
Sometimes goats will suffer from mites found at the back of the feet – heels. If left untreated the scabby leasions will spread up the legs. They can travel over the whole body causing great iteration and distress.
 Treatment. There are various products on the a liquid form which work well. Spot On and Eprinex pour on to name but two. The latter has always been our choice.
Dose according to the instructions. Draw off the solution in a small syringe applying a few drops directly on the site of infection + top of head and down the back bone using the complete treatment.
In our experienced this problem with usually host specific. In a group living together maybe just one or two will become infected,,never the whole lot,.also once they have suffer and been treated successfully they seam to become immuned.
A goat keeper (name supplied)

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